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PawlHarris. Head of Canine relations at Iams.  Seemed like a good guy.

PawlHarris. Head of Canine relations at Iams. Seemed like a good guy.

It was quite a party.  Really it was.  I paid for it the next day, of course.  I mean, I live  a pretty simple life.  And a party like that – all that indulging.  Well, it takes something out of you.

But from the moment I got into that black radio-car to be driven to the W Hotel Downtown, I knew I’d arrived. And then the party itself.  Treats everywhere.  Fancy bowls.  They even gave me a foulard to wear around my neck.  That’s class.

“This,” I thought “Is where I belong: at an Iams So Good blogger event in a swank downtown hotel.”  It’s about time someone recognized how important I am to the blogging process:  would this post on depression exist without me?  Would this post have been possible without me allowing my small humiliation to be exploited for laughs?  I think not.  I think not. (more…)

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Visiting Day 2013So this  past weekend was The Running of the Jews, otherwise known as The Only Day Teenagers are Happy…actually HAPPY…to spend an entire day with their parents, otherwise known as Camp Visiting Day.

I’ve heard the stories and seen the videos – people running to snag the best activities, the snap up the prime picnic spot.  Parents spending thousands on personalized gifts for bunkmates. I’m sure they’re true…somewhere.  But at our camp, we show up, we plunk down a blanket and we hang.  That’s it.  You can play the camper/parent softball game if you want.  But we didn’t want to. You can tour the camp — but as this is my kids’ fourth summer – we didn’t want to.  What we wanted, was to relax, and talk and catch up.

No personalization of trinkets needed. (more…)

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Yes, it’s true. I am a Windows Phone geek.  the HTC Windows Phone 8X is my all -time favorite.  I love that operating system.

I love an operating system. How weird and geeky and sad.

But geekdom has it’s benefits:  HTC recently sent me its new Droid DNA to review, and while it doesn’t turn me away from my Windows Phone obsession, it does tempt me.  And that’s saying a lot. (more…)

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Comes in tons of cool colors, too.

Comes in tons of cool colors, too.

I love my HTC Windows Phone 8X.  Only it’s not mine.  It’s a loaner, given (lent) to me by HTC so I could review it.

Only I don’t want to give it back. Really, I don’t.

It’s no surprise that I love Windows Phone.  I love it so much that even though the only model Sprint carried with the operating system was the super heavy, super clunky HTC Arrive, I still paid my own actual money to get one.

I never liked that phone.  The camera was eh, the thing weighed at least 150 pounds, but the OS?  That Windows 7 sleek, intuitive, easy to use interface?  The real Word Docs, the Excel spreadsheets, the syncing between my Sky Drive and my phone.  That part I loved.

And then it broke. I mean really , really, broke. And guess what?  Sprint no longer carries Windows Phones. (or HTC phones for that matter….really?) So I was faced with a dilemma.  Do I switch to a non-windows phone, or switch to another carrier?  Since my contract with Sprint isn’t up until forever, switching will cost me $350. And since I’ve been with Sprint for forever, we have a pretty good deal.  So I was stuck.

And yet I still couldn’t bring myself to get an Android or (ugh) iOS devise.

Enter HTC, with an offer for a one-month loaner of their Windows Phone 8x.  Surely in a month, I’d figure out how to deal with my Sprint/No Windows Phones/No way out of my contract dilemma in a month.

Evidently not.

Instead, what’s happened is, I’ve fallen madly in love with my super sleek, super slim, super light, fabulously camera-ed, beats audio-ed Windows phone.  And I don’t want to give it back.


Why do I love it? (more…)

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Anne Hathaway is fantastic in Les Miserables, the movie that seems poised to be the mega-hit of the holiday season.  Sacha Baron Cohen is a charming rake and looks like he’s having a ball. Director Tom Hooper’s decision to have the songs sung live was a terrific risk that turned out terrifically.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to spend two-plus hours looking at Hugh Jackman on a giant movie screen?  The nominations and accolades are already pouring in. You’d have to be crazy not to love this gorgeous, impressive spectacle of a movie.

So I guess I’m crazy. (more…)

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So many people who live in NY say they do it to be near all of the culture and the arts.  But so many of those same people never venture further than their TV set for entertainment or – ahem – culture.

Not me.

We have subscriptions to several different theatres:  The Vineyard Theatre, The Signature Theatre, The Transport Group, and The New Victory. Plus we’re members of The Metropolitan Museum, The Museum of Natural History, The Whitney, and the Museum of Modern Art. Is it expensive? You bet. But as a subscriber you’re supporting the theatre you subscribe to, and you get  MUCH cheaper tickets usually before they go on sale to the general public. We also get a TON of “buy discounted tickets” post cards in the mail, and I sometimes do. And as for the museums?  I want to support the arts in NYC. Think about how much your cable bill is every month, and all that supports is the business of television.  Not that there isn’t good TV out there.  But live theater, seeing art in the flesh (in the paint) – nothing beats it.

See?  We really do use the cultural resources this city has to offer. (more…)

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A few weeks ago I went to a Holiday event sponsored by Nintendo.  Aside from being held in the single most spectacular party space I’ve ever been in, (632 on Hudson)  the event was terrific because it really did feel like a big party. There was food and drink, decorations, and people spread throughout the townhouse/party space, each room featuring a different Nintendo Wii or DS game.

In the living room, party guru and TV host David Tutera (from My Fair Wedding) was giving party tips while Wii Party played on the screen behind him.  And all I could think was – really?  David Tutera, tastemaker, is advocating playing video games at a grown up party?  Yeah, right.  So I asked him – “Do you really think it’s possible to have a party still feel social when there are video games around?”

Of course I asked the question fully aware that the TV star wasn’t there just for the fun of it — or even just to meet fabulous bloggers like me.  He was being paid.  But still – his answer surprised me. (more…)

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