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Busch Gardens, The Dali Museum, and The Chihuly Exhibit offered me media rates for my visits. All other expenses – and all opinions – are my own. Some links in this posts are affiliate links.

I’ve been going down to Florida for most of my life. As a kid – and into my 20’s – I went to visit my grandparents in Hallandale, near Ft Lauderdale on the east coast. Pre-Kids, my husband and I used to hit South Beach for the restaurants and fun club scene. I’ve been to Orlando with theme parks and without, and for the past 15 years – I’ve been going to visit my own parents on LongBoat Key near Sarasota on the West Coast of Florida.

I’ve written before about how different LongBoat Key is from the Florida I’d always known before – the east coast. But I’d never before taken the short drive from LongBoat to  Visit St. Petes/Clearwater to check it out.

I didn’t know what I was missing.



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Our Spring Break came early this year.  We were off for two weeks, before just about anyone else, and we headed down to Florida.

Sunset off the Coast of Long Boat Key

LBK Sunset

I have to be honest:  mostly, I go to Florida because my parents have a condo on Longboat Key, off the west coast of Florida, near Sarasota, so we don’t have to pay for a hotel. Also, they generally leave the fridge pretty well stocked.  All in all, it’s a good deal.  Not to say that it isn’t beautiful and everything – because it is spectacular (if you’ve only hit the east coast of Florida, you’re missing out.) But the truth is, economy wins out.

But this year, we hit all kinds of parts of  Florida. Long Boat Key (Sarasota, really), then Orlando, where we saw Universal Studios, and finally Ft Lauderdale, where I attended the SheStreams conference and the kids went surfing. (more…)

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