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Miss Me?

h2hlogoIn case you haven’t noticed (and I really hope you have), you haven’t been getting posts from me for a while.  It isn’t that I haven’t been writing…it’s that I’ve got a brand new, beautifully designed, all-new site that you aren’t subscribed to!!

That’s my new logo right there.  Snazzy, right?

You subscribed to From Hip to Housewife once, so I hope you will again, and it really isn’t hard to do:

Just visit this link to update your delivery settings, and you’ll get notified again every time I post a pithy, funny, ranting, raving, reviewing, crazy, sane or otherwise eminently readable post. (Hey, I’ve been Freshly Pressed FOUR TIMES.  I must be doing something right.) Or, you can go to  http://fromhiptohousewife.com/, and subscribe all over again in the sidebar.

See?  Easy?

Hope  to see you again soon on From Hip to Housewife.



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