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Miss Me?

h2hlogoIn case you haven’t noticed (and I really hope you have), you haven’t been getting posts from me for a while.  It isn’t that I haven’t been writing…it’s that I’ve got a brand new, beautifully designed, all-new site that you aren’t subscribed to!!

That’s my new logo right there.  Snazzy, right?

You subscribed to From Hip to Housewife once, so I hope you will again, and it really isn’t hard to do:

Just visit this link to update your delivery settings, and you’ll get notified again every time I post a pithy, funny, ranting, raving, reviewing, crazy, sane or otherwise eminently readable post. (Hey, I’ve been Freshly Pressed FOUR TIMES.  I must be doing something right.) Or, you can go to  http://fromhiptohousewife.com/, and subscribe all over again in the sidebar.

See?  Easy?

Hope  to see you again soon on From Hip to Housewife.



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Before I had kids, I used to see other parents and think: “When I’m a parent I’ll never (fill in the blank.)”

And then I became a parent.

It was humbling  just how many of those “fill in the blanks” I did.  Lollipops in the morning (airplane rides.)  TV as babysitter. (I had Swine Flu).  Screaming at the top of my lungs. (More often than I’d like to admit.)

Suddenly, I wasn’t so judgmental.  As a parent, you do what you have to do to stay sane, keep your children from bodily harm, and keep those around you from wanting to strangle your perfectly lovely (most of the time) but (at the moment) incredibly, inappropriately loud children.

And then I started blogging. (more…)

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This week, over at The Blogging Angels, C2CMom, SelfishMom, Beccarama and I are talking brands.

If you’re not a blogger, that doesn’t seem all that interesting.  There’s food companies, and toy companies, and tech and P&G….

If you are a blogger it’s VERY interesting – because brands and bloggers have a very weird relationship.  They need us, we need them.  We’re just not sure how much who needs whom.

But why read me go on and on about it, when you can listen?

Click to go to The Blogging Angels for this week’s podcast.

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