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My Stressed Teens

Being a teen is stressful.  There’s all that homework.  All that uncertainty about your social status.  At least  teens are sure of one thing: their parents know NOTHING, nothing at all.

Well,  CNN came to my apartment to talk to my family about stress.  I guess because, well, we’re stressed.  Between running a company and running a household, I’m pretty much a lunatic, and my kids have basketball, and dance, and NYC High School test prep and homework, and my husband – the job, aging parents, riding the subway every day, a dog who seems to throw up at least once a month…and always on the white carpet. We’re like the poster family for stress.

But when reporter Kelly Wallace started talking to my kids, and the cameras started to roll, they didn’t seem stressed at all.  My son and daughter were poised, and articulate, and lovely.  Maybe the cameras should be rolling around here more often.  Check them out, on CNN Parents. Teens: Generation Stressed


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Twenty children are dead.  Twenty.  It is beyond imagining that someone could do this.  It is beyond understanding how these families, the Newtown CT community, will make it through.

Like so many others, I have been glued to the TV.  What, exactly, happened?  Who was this mass murderer?  Why did it happen?  How?

And in the first days after the massacre, (no other word seems to have enough force) it made sense to watch the news, hoping for answers.

But now —- Now the coverage feels more like exploiting parents’ grief than relaying news.  The CNN anchors repeatedly use the phrase “out of respect for the families…”  Wolf Blitzer is positively apoplectic in his disclaimers: “The family came to you, correct?” he asked of a reporter who had just aired an interview of parents and their six-year-old. “You didn’t have to convince them, or coerce them? They wanted to do this.” He must have said that, or something like it, at least three times in less than five minutes.

Methinks thou dost protest too much, Wolf. (more…)

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