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easter basketOn Purim, Jews celebrate Persians trying (but not succeeding) to kill us, on Channukah, we commemorate how the Greeks tried (and failed) to kill us, and on Passover, we celebrate escaping being killed by the Egyptians. All this, Shalom Auslander points out in his novel, Foreskin’s Lament. And all this, is why there aren’t a whole lot of crafts surrounding the Jewish Holidays.

Take Easter:  The Christians have bunnies and chicks, and colorful eggs.  All lovely inspirations for fun family crafts. At that same time of year we have Passover:  famine, and locusts, and killing of the first born.  Is there a craft for that?

Well, there’s about to be.

Yesterday, I went to the Hershey’s Easter Party, a PR event where they showcased their adorable (and yummy) Easter crafts and products for 2014. Easter all the way.  Admittedly adorable. Easy to do crafts. Yummy treats.  But decidedly NFJ. (Not for Jews!)

So I say genug es genug (enough is enough – in Yiddish).  It’s time for some Passover Crafts!  And I’m here to help you adapt Hershey’s Easter crafts and Goodies for Passover.

1. Forget the Bunnies: Go Frogs (more…)

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It’s the Hannukah Season.  What?  You haven’t seen the decorations everywhere?  Heard the incessant Hannukah music on the radio? Shopped the Hannukah Sales?

Yeah. Me neither.

No one thinks about Hannukah.  No one talks about it or sings about it, or makes claymation shows about it. (although these Yeshiva U. guys did make a great video about it.) And all that lack of attention to Hannukah makes my kids feel like outcasts.

Think about it, there are no songs about Hannukah being the most wonderful time of the year, no movies about mean people becoming nice when they find the Hannukah spirit, no jolly old men (old Jewish men aren’t –  by genetic predisposition -jolly) in bright red suits.  And, of course, no tree. We’ve got a candelabra.   Oooh!

My daughter, especially, complains every year throughout “the holiday season” (who are they kidding?  they mean CHRISTMAS season) that “nobody cares.”  And I can see her point. Every commercial talks about Christmas Shopping, every store window has Christmas decorations, every time you turn around it’s Christmas this and Christmas that.  There’s the token “Happy Hannukah” or the generic and meaningless “Happy Holidays” tossed in there too, but let’s face it: Christmas Rules;  Hannukah drips wax on your table. (more…)

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