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app splash Drum roll please!!!

Today we are officially announcing the launch of the KidzVuz app, the only video submission app designed especially for tweens.

I’m beyond excited.  Why?  So glad you asked! (more…)

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My kids don’t want me to write about them.  My dog, though working hard with his agent (!), is not getting any acting jobs.  But my virtual baby, KidzVuz.com, is flying high: on the first page of the Personal Journal section of the Wall Street Journal today.

Katherine Rosman, who will now be forever known as my new best friend, wrote an article called “Tweens’ Secret Lives Online” and featured KidzVuz as one of the places tweens are flocking.  It’s great publicity, and the article is a great reminder of why our kids shouldn’t be on Facebook, but why places like KidzVuz and FashionPlaytes.com and Playground.com are great steeping stones for kids under thirteen looking to start participating in social media.

It’s nice to see my virtual baby grow!  Here’s hoping this in only the first of many articles about my fabulous virtual baby – www.KidzVuz.com

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goodkidvuzvertIf I need a gift for a toddler, or a first or second grader, I head on over the The Toy Insider, because I know they don’t just list a bunch of toys, these people research and test and try and can rattle off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of any toy on the market.  It’s almost  freaky.  And it’s just the kind of knowledge you want in a toy guide.

But if I want in depth suggestions for every kind of tween – from foodies, to book worms, to techies, to fashiontween-sta’s – well, then I head on over to KidZVuz.  There, we’ve not only listed the best stuff, we’re giving  a lot of it away.

And I mean A LOT. Like a Wappy Dog, Moshi Monster DS game with gift pack, Just Dance 3 for Xbox Kinect, just to name a few.

You can’t enter here, but you can over on The KidzVuz Parent Blog, and your kids can enter at KidzVuz.com.

So go. Read. Shop. Enter. You never know.  It could be your lucky day!

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Everybody loves Pillow Pets.  They’re pillows, they’re stuffed animals.  They are, it seems, universally loved.

Personally, I don’t get it.  To me, they’re neither really stuffed animals, nor quite real pillows.  But hey, that’s why I invented KidzVuz, so kids could tell us what they love — even when their parents don’t get it.

And if you have a kid who loves pillow pets, she’s going to love the Pillow Pets DS game even more. And I’m giving away both: a Pet and the new game. (more…)

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