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For a Mom Blogger in NY, the possibilities are endless.  There are breakfasts at big toy retailer’s, lunches at Tech pop-ups, and evening events for everything from Apps, to Zoos. (Seriously)  Which is how I found myself, one day a few weeks ago, hitting a high-tech press conference for Qualcomm in the afternoon and a fashion/lifestyle party for LandsEnd, hosted by MomTrends, in the evening.  My blog-cup runneth over.

First, Qualcomm. As one of the Blogging Angels, I often talk tech.  But here’s how the conversation usually goes: Angel Amy: Have you seen the latest version of WordPress  that lehetővé teszi, hogy szerkeszteni seo ismerete nélkül CSS kódot??

What?  You don’t speak Hungarian? Well, neither do I. And that’s what it sounds like to me. So I, the “can-you-please-explain-that-in-non-tech-English- Angel” will say something incredibly insightful, like “Huh?”  And get tech-smart Angel Amy (aka SelfishM0m) to explain what she’s talking about so I and the rest of us less-than-technically savvy proficient listeners can know what the heck she’s talking about.

Works well, I think.

But this Qualcomm event wasn’t for Bloggers, it was for actual tech journalists, who I think were speaking Urdu, Chinese, and maybe Guajarati. And none of them would have thought it was funny if I said “Huh?”

But I went, I listened.  I took notes.  And then I very carefully read the (luckily mostly in English) press release.  It was almost as good as Google Translator.  Or Amy!  Here’s what I found out: (more…)

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Everyone is so concerned with Suburban Sprawl — the rape of the countryside, the never-ending expansion of the suburbs.

I’m concerned with my own suburban sprawl. The one I’m sitting on right now as I type this post.

See, I’m spending my summer in “the country,” as we city folk like to say, and instead of my usual 3.5-4 miles a day of walking just as a matter of course, I’d say I do about, oh, I don’t know, ten feet of walking. I’m exercising and all that. I’m trying to use my bike to run small errands. But it just isn’t the suburban/country way. This is a car society. And what with the GIANT SUV’s everyone drives around here (understandable, of course. I mean, Long Island is SO very mountainous, with ton of treacherous roads.) there isn’t much room for me on my foot-brakes-only circa 1972 cruiser. So I’m sitting a lot. In my car, at the computer. While waiting on line at Waldbaums. (Hey, once you’re a sitter, you’ll sit anywhere.)

Click here to to find out how bad it’s gotten.

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